One API, Many Inboxes

Our Mission

Email is the largest communication network in the world and is the lingua franca of business.

At a deeper level, there's an unprecedented amount of data contained within the contents of email, calendar, and contacts. Yet teams and companies have not been able to access, understand, and effectively use that data.

For many new technologies and apps that rely on email and calendar features, we're pretty much the only source for easy integration. Through our APIs, we make development of new apps possible and enable our mission: To empower the world to communicate with context and insight.

Our Values

We believe in people. Creative, smart people who help each other do their best and be their best. We respect and trust each other. We feel the same about our end users, customers, and developers.

People at Imap-x work hard and are given lots of responsibility, with an extremely high bar for excellence. It’s expected that individuals own projects end-to-end and ship quickly with lots of autonomy. We value communication, accountability, inclusion, intellectual rigor, and positivity.